Memory Album

We learn from lost and gain, knowing the needs of community, and remember the people we loved. The project I decided to do is about losing memory, “Alzheimer’s Disease”. It is a personal related project which my grandfather suffering from this disease and he could barely remembers the face of the family members. The disease took away his memory of people he loved, and leave him alone with darkness.

By using fonts and shapes to create a sense of feeling of “losing” and “distort”, I wish to create a book in which people could have a better understanding of what is Alzheimer’s Disease and what world looks like in their eyes. It is an extremely pain to lose part of your memory and forget the people you loved. My grandfather could not recognize me each time I saw him, even though I tried to remind him who I am, he could not recall. However, my grandfather remembers me as a little girl and he would ask me if I can pick the little girl up after school.

This book contains not only my own story but stories for everyone who has family members that suffered from Alzheimer’s Disease. I wish through this book, more people can pay attention to this group, see from their eyes, feel what they felt, and remember them as they used to do.